Medical team


Our physicians have an immense experience that includes more than 45,000 satisfied patients:

  • 6000 open heart operations
  • 3000 operations on vessels
  • 3000 operations on joints
  • 1000 operations on the spine
  • 30,000 minimally invasive and conservative treatments

We have also contributed to the international scientific knowledge through several and participation in congresses specialized in Regenerative medicine, safety and quality control during and after surgery.

The Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM) is the first Austrian facility  to be licensed under the new tissue safety legislation. As a result, we are subject to the strictest possible control by the medical regulatory authorities proving that our therapies are successful.


Our scientific board:

  • Georg Kobinia MD, Surgery and Vascular Surgery, President of the Austrian Society for Regenerative Medicine. Graz, Vienna.
  • Christof Pabinger MD,  Orthopedics, Graz and Innsbruck Medical University.
  • Phillipp Heuberer MD, Orthopedics, HealthPI and Barmherzige Brüder Vienna, Austria.
  •  Michael Matzner MD, Orthopedics, Vienna Private Clinic and University Hospital Vienna, Austria.

In IRM, we offer exclusive services through highly specialized medical doctors with years of experience in their field. Due to the broad training of each expert and the interdisciplinary cooperation, we are able to offer you the best therapy possible within the field of regenerative medicine and classical medicine. We understand the limitations and boundaries of both,  however we are able to offer a unique service within the European Union in which stem cell specialist and classical surgical medicine are working together in each case. Contrary to what other services offer in which they can provide either regenerative therapies or surgical therapies but not both together.