Method – FAQ

Scientific research ongoing with the Medical University of Graz

In 2019 we started a clinical study with IRB approval (Ethics committee). This enables us, to measure, which cells and which proteins are in the bone marrow and in the „ tem cell“ fraction that we retrieve using our protocol. We will combine these findings with the clinical outcome in order to find a predictor of a good outcome.
We can therefore demonstrate thematic leadership and a sound and solid knowledge of what we are doing.

Am I the "right patient?"

Additionally or alternatively, there are proven methods to treat arthritis, see here: Therapie bei Gelenksabnützungen (in german)

For a reliable decision, it is necessary to answer the following questions:

  • What has already been done?
  • Could you please provide an X-ray?
  • Could you please provide an MR?
  • Haw tall are you? What is your weight?
  • Age?
  • What are your requirements?
  • Do you make sports? Which kind?
  • What is your profession? standing?
  • Comorbidities?
  • Are you healthy? Can you be operated on (if needed)?
  • What are your expectations?

How much is the stem cell therapy?

Orthopaedics: EUR 2.800.- und 7.000.-.
Neurology: EUR 4000.- und 10.000.-
Depending on diagnosis, health status and the number of affected regions.
Some insurances already pay for this kind of tretament.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is one of the greatest medical advances of the 21st century. Also called stem cell medicine, it uses the body´s own active ingredients to restore damaged tissue. For example, thanks to this field of knowledge many patients that where supposed to have a prosthesis because of joint disease will not more required one, as well as many patients after the regenrative treatments are able to reduce or stop the use of medications.

Where are my stem cells obtained from?

We use patients´own cells derived from the adipose tissue or bone marrow. The cells  can be easily obtained under local anesthesia or sedation from the fat tissue or the bone  of the patient. We are specialized in selecting the right type and amount of cells according each case in order to have the best outcome possible.

How are my stem cells processed?

After extraction the cells are processed our patented point-of-care method that fulfills the requirements of the Medical Devices Act and current regulations. With this closed method none of the stem cells are manipulated or modified thorugh additives such as growth factors or chemichals, doing so we avoid dangerous changes in the cells that could jeopardize the security of our patients.

When will I get my stem cells back?

Thanks to new technologies  it is possible to obtain and return the stem cells concentrate in the same session. The entire process takes place in an operating room in a sterile environment using a closed system. Following our strict patented process possibilities of contamination are minimal and the highest hygiene standards are fulfill.

Are the stem cells of adipose tissue and bone marrow different?

The stem cells coming from adipose tissue are known to have a high proportion of MSCs (Mesenchymal stem cells). These cells are capable to transform themselves into any tissue includying cartilage or bone, therefore this is the method of choice for several joint diseases.

However, in other diseases such as vascular disease, wound management or paraplegia the cells harvested from bone marrow have being more widely studied and in consequence they have the better scientific supprout.

How safe is the method?

Our greatest concern is your safety and the guarantee of the best care possible for you according to the latest scientific findings. According to our own experience, the only why to guarantee the best and safeties treatment is to conduct the treatments in a highly specialized medical center. Our process has being proved worldwide since many years in the filed of regenerative medicine, a matter of fact is that our method has being presented in numerous scientific publications and contributions in international scientific congresses.

Is the procedure officially approved?

Yes. We are fully certified by the health ministry as the first facility in Austria allowed to use this procedure outside clinical trials. This is only possible because we are able to offer medical services with a proof of effecttiveness fullfeeling all the government requirements. Furthermore, in our center there will be only specialists working for you and your health.