Stemmcelltherapy against Arthritis (new therapy)

Sound and safe

Scientific Evidence of Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopaedics

In 2018 the use of “stemmcells für the repair of cartilage and bone defects is goldstandard”, stated the University of Würzburg and refers the measurable effects to a variaty of publications. The procedure is safe and approved by the national authorities:

  • Improvement of pain and function
  • Increase in cartilage thickness afte 1 year
  • Improvement of cartilage quality
  • more cartilage-specific collagen II at 2 years


Arthritis before

Arthritis after

IRM in Graz has the first approved licence

The IRM in Graz is the first private clinic in DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) to be approved for the stemcelltherapy by the national regulatory authoritis. Stemcelltherapy is regulated very strict by the EU Commission and a variety of national laws and must not be used in offices of doctors.


Improvement of 51-71% demonstrated at 2 years

An average patient undergoing stemcelltherapy for arthritis can expect an increase in mobility, a reduction of pain and an improvement in MRI. A guarantee, that your own biological regenerative potential is similar, can not be given.

  • quick and sustainable improvement of sporty activities
  • reduction of degenerative changes in MRI of 27%
  • improvement in DLA (daily life activities) of 78% after one year


Procedure in soft slumber

The stemcelltherapy can be done as an outpatient treatment and you can drive home one your own. You do not receive a general anaesthesia, therefore the stemcelltherapy is suitable for the elderly and ill patients. However, we advice the use of crutches for 2 weeks and a sick leave of one week if you have a standing or walking profession.


Stemcelltherapy from specialists

In our clinic you receive medical care solely from university professors and specialists, who have deep knowledge about stemcell therapy. We have an expertise of over 1300 treatments abroad, but are happy to bring this knowledge to Austria now. The use of stemcell therapy is forbidden for general practitioners in Austria.


Contact us for questions and an appointment +43(0)316/908204-11

Our specialists will explain everything to you and sample out, if you are in line for a therapy. Therefore, please bring your x-ray or MRI with you for an appointment.

In MRI scans an improvement can be shown using T2 mapping:

Irregularities of chondral thickness changes into a more homogenous pattern after stem cell therapy in arthritis.


Quelle / Source: Transplantation ■ August 2015 ■ Volume 99 ■ Number 8
DOI: 10.1097/TP.0000000000000678
ISSN: 0041-1337/15/9908-1681


MSC-treatment resultes in improvements in pain and disability in arthritis.

Quelle: Transplantation ■ August 2015 ■ Volume 99 ■ Number 8
DOI: 10.1097/TP.0000000000000678 
ISSN: 0041-1337/15/9908-1681

Matrix components 

Extracellular matrix components stained by Alizarin red staining show potential for osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation, respectively. Differentiated cells are shown on the left and control cells are shown on the right.


Quelle: Quelle: J Gene Med. 2018;20:e3002 .3002  

In the MRI a significant improvement following stem cell therapy can be demonstrated:

Ganglia, cysts and bone marrow edema showed a marked decrease. In plain radiographs these findings can not be seen.


Quelle: Quelle: J Gene Med. 2018;20:e3002 3002

knee scores

In alle 4 knee scores a significant improvement can be demonstrated 18 months after stemcell therapy. Please note the 95% confidence interval and the low standard deviation.

Quelle: J Gene Med. 2018;20:e3002